Wednesday, April 8, 2015

#398 - 1984 United States Baseball Team: Shane Mack

What a card: So far this is the most successful major leaguer in the subset. Shane Mack would play nine years in the majors (and a couple years in Japan) and be a key part of the Twins' World Series champion team in 1991.

My observation on the front: This is the second neck chain showcased in the '84 U.S. baseball team subset.

More opinion from me: Mack instantly makes me think of my doomed three years in fantasy baseball. Mack was a regular member of my team, although I believe I picked him up just after his peak season, which was pretty typical for me.

Something you might know: Mack's legacy in major league baseball was derailed somewhat by the players strike in 1994. Not willing to wait around for a resolution, Mack took a very large and guaranteed contract to play in Japan for the Yomiuri Giants. He returned to the majors in 1997, but not as a regular starter.

Something you might not know: Mack got his first start in major league baseball when the Padres' Steve Garvey was placed on the disabled list and Tony Gwynn injured his thumb. Mack was called up and played right field.

My observation on the back: Three triples in one game -- there's not much more exciting for a baseball viewer than that.

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jacobmrley said...

Uh, four triples?

Andy Diver said...

His 1990 Topps traded card was the first time my 8 year old self would encounter a traded set. The "T" next to the card number befuddled me greatly.