Monday, September 22, 2014

#332 - Brian Harper

What a card: Brian Harper was already a member of the St. Louis Cardinals when this card hit packs. He was involved in the December 1984 deal that sent pitcher John Tudor to St. Louis in exchange for outfielder George Hendrick.

My observation on the front: Harper is listed as an outfielder although he would later be known as a catcher. Harper was actually a catcher coming up, but the Pirates put him in the outfield because they had Tony Pena behind the plate.

More opinion from me: The Pirates helmets from this time period remind me of my little brother's plastic Pirates helmet. We used to wear those things thinking they would protect us from a pitch to the head. Then my friend took one to his plastic Yankee helmet and it practically exploded (he was fine). That was the end of that.

Something you might know: Harper was a key figure in the Twins' World Series championship 1991. He caught all 10 innings of Jack Morris' Game 7 masterpiece that clinched the title.

Something you might not know: This may or may not be the greatest play by a catcher. I'll reserve judgment other than to say I've never seen that before.

My observation on the back: Every National League pitching staff this season has already surpassed 1,000 total strikeouts. This doesn't necessarily have to do with expansion in the 1990s as the first time every N.L. pitching staff eclipsed 1,000 strikeouts was in 2010.

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