Monday, December 16, 2013

#243 - Barbaro Garbey

What a card: This is Barbaro Garbey's first Topps base card. He makes appearances in the 1984 Topps Traded and Fleer Update sets. He would have only one other Topps card (1986).

My observation on the front: That's a rather pensive dugout shot.

More opinion from me: Garbey played in 110 games for the Tigers with 327 at-bats and even appeared in four games of the 1984 World Series, but I remember going through my 1985 set after I bought it complete that year and noting that this guy didn't ring a bell with me. I never knew he existed until I saw this card.

Something you might know: Garbey is the first member of the Cuban national team to defect to the United States. He opened the door for Orlando Hernandez, Rey Ordonez, Jose Contreras, Aroldis Chapman, Yasiel Puig and many others.

Something you might not know: Garbey was suspended in 1983 after hitting a fan with a bat during a minor league game. Garbey, who was playing for Evansville, had been heckled by the fan. After the game, he grabbed a bat and waited outside for him, striking him in the shoulder.

My observation on the back: The Freedom Flotilla is more formally known as the Mariel boatlift.

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MoltenLava said...

Fernando would have certainly broken the rookie shutout record if not for the 1981 strike.