Tuesday, December 10, 2013

#241 - Jim Frey

What a card: This Jim Frey card was issued a mere few months after Frey led the Cubs to their first pennant since 1945.

My observation on the front: Frey has three Topps cards from his managing days with the Cubs. They are all remarkably similar.

More opinion from me: I am so glad I didn't wear glasses in the 1980s. The styles were not good.

Something you might know: Frey led both the Royals and the Cubs to first place in his first year with each team. That is still amazing to me.

Something you might not know: Frey has a distinctive nose, which his lifelong friend Don Zimmer claims got that way after he incited a brawl during a high school basketball game. The two were teammates and, Zimmer claims, when Frey came out on the court to defend him, a player from the opposing team clocked Frey in the nose.

My observation on the back: The card is slightly miscut. The box outlined in white isn't supposed to be at an angle like that.

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Byron said...

Small correction: Frey didn't lead the cubs to the pennant in 1984, they won the NL East.

Terrific blog, I swing by at least three times a week to read the updates. Great job!