Saturday, October 26, 2013

#227 - Danny Darwin

What a card: Danny Darwin had been dealt to the Brewers by the time most collectors pulled this card out of packs. He was involved in the giant four-team trade on Jan. 18, 1985, involving the Rangers, Brewers, Royals and Mets in which Darwin, Jim Sundberg, Don Slaught, Tim Leary and Frank Wills switched teams.

My observation on the front: Dig the Rangers' red jersey tops. Do not dig the thick uniform piping that a lot of teams used at this time.

More opinion from me: Darwin is about as early 1980s as it gets with his long, feathered hair and mustache.

Something you might know: A member of eight teams over a 21-year major league career, Darwin won the 1990 National League earned-run average title while a member of the Astros even though he started only 17 of the 48 games that he pitched.

Something you might not know: When Darwin was pitching for the Brewers in 1986, outfielder Rick Manning got so tired of his teammates not giving Darwin any run support that he offered $20 per RBI the next time Darwin pitched. Manning shelled out $100 after Darwin's next game, which the Brewers won 5-3 against the Blue Jays.

My observation on the back: One of Danny's teenaged brothers was Jeff Darwin, who pitched for the Mariners and White Sox between 1994-97.

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Phantom Dreamer said...

Thick piping is better than thin piping. Thick piping is better than no piping.