Monday, October 14, 2013

#223 - Tom Hume

What a card: Tom Hume was coming off a miserable season entering 1985. Thirteen losses in 17 decisions and a plus-5 ERA had knocked him from consideration of regaining his closer status.

My observation on the front: Hume is displaying his very 1980s eyewear on this card -- and on all of his cards. He is wearing large, thick glasses on each one.

More opinion from me: I always considered Hume the National League version of Tom Henke and vice versa. They were both closer types who didn't look the part thanks to their glasses and each had the initials "T.H."

Something you might know: Hume tied with Rollie Fingers for the 1980 National League Fireman of the Year Award, a year after finishing second in the league in earned run average.

Something you might not know: Hume and fellow pitcher Bill Bonham were among the people rescued from the third-worst hotel fire in United States history. The MGM Grand fire in Las Vegas killed 85 people on Nov. 21, 1980. Hume and Bonham were staying at the hotel on their way to Tuscon, Ariz., for a charity golf tournament. Both pitchers and their wives were rescued off of a roof of the hotel.

My observation on the back: My guess is that either Joe Torre or Tony La Russa has obliterated Earl Weaver's record. But all the internet wants to tell me, in my limited attempts at research, is about World Series wins.

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