Monday, October 21, 2013

#225 - Mike Boddicker

What a card: This is Mike Boddicker's card after his first-and-only 20-win season. It was a pretty awesome way to thwart the sophomore jinx.

My observation on the front: Hey, you! You guys in the stands! YOU'RE ON A BASEBALL CARD!

More opinion from me: I hold Boddicker partly responsible for one of the dullest World Series I've ever witnessed. He threw a three-hitter in the Orioles' 4-1 Game 2 win over the Phillies en route to a 4-1 Series win in 1983.

Something you might know: Boddicker's tremendous postseason performance in his rookie season of 1983 solidified himself in Orioles lore. His five-hit, 14-strikeout shutout of the White Sox -- he was the first AL rookie to throw a playoff shutout -- earned him ALCS MVP honors.

Something you might not know: Boddicker turned down an offer to sign with the Montreal Expos in 1975. He was making $4.50 working in a grain elevator at the time.

My observation on the back: I believe the write-up is incorrect. Boddicker's sister married his high school coach. Boddicker married the daughter of his American Legion coach.

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Rob said...

I always loved his smile in this card!