Wednesday, May 22, 2013

#178 - Miguel Dilone

What a card: This is the last card of Miguel Dilone issued during his career. He was released by the Expos in July of 1985. The Padres picked him up and he finished out the season with San Diego, but didn't play in the majors after that.

My observation on the front: Dilone's choking up in batting practice! I have my doubts that this ever happens anymore.

More opinion from me: There is nothing quite so pleasing as the Expos' red batting practice jerseys.

Something you might know: Dilone had one of the great "where'd that come from?" seasons of the 1980s. With Cleveland in 1980, he delivered 180 hits and finished third in the AL with a .341 batting average, completely out of character with the rest of his career.

Something you might not know: Dilone lost an eye in 2009 during baseball practice in the Dominican Republic. He was hit in the face by a foul ball that ricocheted off a protective screen.

My observation on the back: Dilone's stat line for his stay with the Pirates in 1983 is interesting. Seven games, 0 at-bats, 1 run, two stolen bases and the "--" line for batting average that always threw me as a kid. I didn't know about pinch-runners.

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