Thursday, May 9, 2013

#174 - Rick Honeycutt

What a card: This is the first card of Rick Honeycutt after his first full season as a Dodger. He pitched in nine games for the Dodgers in 1983 after being acquired in a deadline deal that year.

My observation on the front: I've always liked this card. I looked forward to Honeycutt's first Dodger card in the 1984 set and was disappointed by what Topps offered. But this is a nice pitching shot.

More opinion from me: Honeycutt is the Dodgers' pitching coach and I often wonder how much he is to blame for the weird pitching moves made by Don Mattingly.

Something you might know: Honeycutt was famously busted for using a thumb tack to cut baseballs during a start in September 1980. He was suspended for 10 games.

Something you might not know: The Pirates drafted Honeycutt as a pitcher and a first baseman. In his first pro start, he started on the mound and batted clean-up. He hit a home run in his first at-bat.

My observation on the back: At least 14 other franchises have since exceeded 8,000 all-time wins, and the Cubs are no longer the leaders. Teams like the Yankees, Giants, Dodgers, Cardinals and Red Sox have surpassed them.

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