Sunday, December 30, 2012

#129 - Gene Garber

What a card: Gene Garber had just completed a 60-plus appearance season for the seventh time in his career when this card was produced.

My observation on the front: Garber looks like he's wearing a generic windbreaker in the shot. What's that all about? Where's the Braves' logo?

More opinion from me: I've said this before, but Garber's always been my hero for stopping Pete Rose's 44-game hitting streak in 1978.

Something you might know: A side-arming relief pitcher who lasted 19 seasons and made more than 900 appearances, Garber was the Braves' all-time saves leader until John Smoltz broke the record.

Something you might not know: Garber grew up in a farming family and returned to farming after his baseball career. Thanks to his efforts in agricultural land conservation, his home county, Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, is responsible for one-fifth of the state's agricultural output.

My observation on the back: I just get bored when someone tells me what kind of degree they have.

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jacobmrley said...

I got thrown out of college twice and never did finish my degree in Journalism. Is that any better?