Wednesday, December 19, 2012

#126 - Ruppert Jones

What a card: This is Ruppert Jones' first Topps base card with the Tigers. He appears in the 1984 Topps Traded set with Detroit after signing with them as a free agent.

My observation on the front: Jones hit a home run against the Brewers in June of 1984 that cleared the right field roof at Tiger Stadium. Perhaps this is a photo of that home run? At any rate, Jones was known as "Rooftop Ruppert" during his brief time with the Tigers, so this is an appropriate photo.

More opinion from me: Jones signed with the Tigers after playing with the Padres from 1981-83. Then, the Tigers played his old team in the World Series the very next year. That always intrigued me.

Something you might know: Jones was the first overall pick of the expansion Seattle Mariners in 1976 and became the franchise's first notable rookie standout.

Something you might not know: Jones took up karate in the offseason of 1979 as a means to stay in shape, and became quite proficient at the martial art.

My observation on the back: I know a few people who think Roger Maris is still the legitimate single-season home run leader.

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Brandon said...

Jones had this pre at bat ritual of holding the at bat upright, hands out at the waist and wiggling his shoulders before stepping up to the plate. As a 9 year old in Michigan in '84, I along with a generation of youngsters, copied the motions in the backyard.
He was only with the Tigers for one year as a part time player but ask anyone around Michigan about Ruppert Jones and they'll bring up the rooftop homer or his wiggle.

Douglas said...

I remember Rupert playing at AAA Evansville for a portion of 1984. I was surprise to see him because I thought he was an MLB regular.