Friday, December 14, 2012

#124 - Rich Hebner

Who is the man: Rich Hebner had just completed his first season with the Cubs after signing as a free agent in January 1984. He'd appear in just 44 games and last one more season before calling it a career.

My observation on the front: Whenever I see one of these "sitting in a dugout" shots for a player near the end of his career, it makes me sad. It's like he knows it's over.

More opinion from me: Ugh! It drives me crazy that Topps would never call Hebner "Richie." Everyone else did!

Something you might know: Well, I think everyone knows that Hebner used to dig graves in the offseason. His father operated a cemetery.

Something you might not know: Hebner broke his hand punching the dugout roof when he was in the minor leagues.

My observation on the back: I always thought Hebner dug graves early in his career, as a way to make money in the offseason, then gave it up once he was established. But apparently he kept at it to keep in shape.

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