Friday, September 14, 2018

#39T - Bob Gibson

What a card: Here is the first card of a player in the Traded set that did not appear in the flagship set but is not a rookie card. Gibson, who appeared in the 1984 Topps set, was deemed not worthy of a 1985 flagship card despite 18 appearances in '84.

My observation on the front: The internet is striking out in informing me who No. 54 is in the background. Nobody on the Brewers' roster in 1984 or 1985 wore No. 54. I'm assuming it's a minor league player playing with the big boys in spring training.

More opinion from me: Photographer is almost getting the side-eye from Gibson.

Something you might know: This is the "other Bob Gibson pitcher." Guys like this are a pain to research online. No fault of Mr. Gibson here, it's just that the internet always thinks it knows better.

Something you might not know: Gibson pitched his entire MLB career for the Brewers except for one inning with the Mets in 1987. In the eighth inning of a game against the Astros, he caught a liner by Glenn Davis, walked Alan Ashby, then struck out Kevin Bass and Ken Caminiti to end the inning and his MLB career.

My observation on the back: The 245th strikeout is significant because that was the strikeout that tied the rookie record for Dwight Gooden. Herb Score had held the mark with 245 until Gooden surpassed him.

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Brian said...

I keep forgetting to start a "no, not that one" Mini collection. Bob Gibson, the Randy Johnson's of mid 80s, the various Michael Jacksons... some day I will remember!

Darren Lewis and Darren Bragg said...

Out of all the “no, not that one” athletes, who had the best career? My choice has gotta go to Kenny Rogers. The two Sam Adams from the NFL had nice careers as well.

steelehere said...

The MLB Bill Russell had a pretty good career as did the Frank Thomas who played with the Pirates in the 1960's.