Friday, June 19, 2015

#424 - Al Nipper

What a card: This is Al Nipper's Topps rookie card. He finished seventh in the AL Rookie of the Year voting after essentially registering what we would be the best season of his seven-year MLB career.

My observation on the front: This looks like a photo that a card company that didn't have a major league license would run. It would've fit right in with 2010 Upper Deck.

More opinion from me: I always got Al Nipper confused with another Red Sox-Cubs pitcher from about the same time, Allen Ripley. I know anyone who was born after 1985 can't appreciate this, but let the old man have his memories.

Something you might know: Nipper started Game 4 of the 1986 World Series for Boston against the Mets. He lost the game, pitching six innings and allowing seven hits, including a two-run home run to Gary Carter. He also allowed a titan blast to Darryl Strawberry in Game 7, made famous by Strawberry's noticeably slow trot around the bases. Nipper hit Strawberry in the hip with a pitch the next time he faced him, in spring training, causing the benches to empty.

Something you might not know:  Nipper was the Red Sox's co-rookie pitcher of the year in 1984. He shared the award with Roger Clemens.

My observation on the back: Wow, two straight posts that mention Dale Murphy. The five walks in one game still remains the regulation-game record and is held by many players, although the 5-walk game is even less common than throwing a no-hitter.

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