Wednesday, June 17, 2015

#423 - Barry Bonnell

What a card: Barry Bonnell was coming off his first season with the Mariners as this card hit packs. After a strong 1983 in which he led the Blue Jays in batting average, he fell to a pedestrian .264.

My observation on the front: I see a lit scoreboard in the distance.

More opinion from me: I must have pulled Bonnell's rookie card a few dozen times in 1978. I know that card was double-printed, but damn, so many duplicates.

Something you might know: Bonnell hit .300 in 100 games for the Braves during his rookie season in 1977.

Something you might not know: Bonnell turned Dale Murphy on to Mormonism. A devout Mormon, Bonnell was a minor league teammate of Murphy's, and often would read scripture passages during bus trips in the middle of the night. Murphy was curious about what Bonnell was reading and it led to many religious discussions between the two before Murphy was eventually baptized in the faith.

My observation on the back: Connie Mack, your record is safe forever.

The blog wants to speak now: The Music category is updated.

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