Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#391 - 1984 United States Baseball Team: Flavio Alfaro

What a card: The second player featured in this subset is also the second player on the team who would never play in the major leagues.

My observation on the front: The 1984 Olympic baseball games were held in Dodger Stadium. I'm going to say that's where Flavio Alfaro is in that picture.

More opinion from me: Alfaro already looks disgusted about his baseball future.

Something you might know: Alfaro played just one year in pro baseball, hitting .193 for Single A Durham in the Braves organization in 1985. He was the first member of the 1984 team to retire from baseball.

Something you might not know: Alfaro and Sid Akins, the first two players featured in this subset, were the only two players on the 1984 roster not drafted in the first round by an MLB team. Alfaro went in the fourth round (Akins in the third).

My observation on the back: Being from the Northeast, I'm used to collegiate baseball teams playing like 30 games a season. It blows my mind that a college player had 94 hits in one season.

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