Monday, June 16, 2014

#301 - John Montefusco

What a card: This is John Montefusco's final Topps card that was issued during his career. Fleer is the only company that would make a card of Montefusco in 1986.

My observation on the front: I was never a Montefusco fan, but it was painful watching him get old. It was like watching the '70s die just looking at him.

More opinion from me: I had the chance to get Montefusco's autograph a few years ago. But then I thought about how he pitched only for teams I've disliked all my life and that he was known for talking about how much he hated the Dodgers. I walked past his table.

Something you might know: Montefusco made noise right from the start, hitting a home run in his first official at-bat in 1974, winning National League Rookie of the Year honors for the Giants in 1975, and pitching a no-hitter in 1976.

Something you might not know: Montefusco's no-hitter may have been one of the least-watched in history. It came on the last day of the 1976 season in Atlanta. Only 1,300 fans came to the game and it was not televised. Several news outlets had to be called to inform them that a no-hitter had happened.

My observation on the back: That is Montefusco's complete career won-loss record in the major league totals. He would not receive a decision in 1986, his final season.

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jacobmrley said...

I snubbed Jack Clark's autograph for similar reasons.