Thursday, June 12, 2014

#300 - Rod Carew

What a card: Rod Carew was entering his final season in the major leagues when this card was released. He played in just 93 games in 1984, compiled less than 100 hits in a season for the first time in his career, and hit below .300 for the first time since 1968.

My observation on the front: It's kind of an unusual photo. Carew is preparing to bat, appears to be eyeing the pitcher, and that chain link fence -- I don't know if I've seen a chain link fence featured more prominently on a baseball card. I do like the photo though.

More opinion from me: I miss the old Angels logo. You don't see an entire state included in a team's logo often (the old Rangers logo from the '80s springs to mind).

Something you might know: I can recite these from memory: Carew flirted with .400 in 1977, he compiled just over 3,000 hits, he won Rookie of the Year honors, he captured seven batting titles, and he stole home plate seven times in 1969, which amazes me the most.

Something you might not know: Before Carew was dealt to the Angels, the Twins tried to work out a deal with the Yankees. The Twins were asking for Chris Chambliss, Juan Beniquez, Damaso Garcia and a minor leaguer named Dave Righetti. Later, the Twins reportedly dropped demands for Garcia and Righetti and wanted pitcher Paul Mirabella and another minor leaguer. But Carew was traded to the Angels just a few days later.

My observation on the back: I'll bet having a dark room in your house was the height of luxury in 1985. Now, it's like, "what's the point?"

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Douglas said...

I will doing my post on Rod this weekend.

jacobmrley said...

You obviously never dated a photographer.