Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#283 - Fran Mullins

What a card: This is the only Topps card of Fran Mullins, other than a three-player White Sox prospects card that he shares with Rusty Kuntz in the 1981 set. Fleer and Donruss didn't make a card of him.

My observation on the front: The bat Mullins is swinging looks like it weighs 200 pounds. In my mind it took him three minutes to swing at that pitch.

More opinion from me: In years previous, Topps would have simply gone with "infield" instead of "3B-SS-2B". But kudos for being exact.

Something you might know: Mullins enjoyed the most playing time of his career with the Giants in 1984, playing in 57 games. In his two other seasons in the majors, he played 21 games for the White Sox in 1980 and 28 games for the Indians in 1986.

Something you might not know: Mullins played for Santa Clara University from 1976-79 under longtime coach Sal Taorima. Taorima died the summer after the 1979 season, suffering a heart attack at the wheel of his car at the age of 57.

My observation on the back: Hank Bauer still holds the record for consecutive games with a hit in a World Series. Marquis Grissom came close by getting a hit in his first 15 World Series games.

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jacobmrley said...

I went to school with a pair of Mullens sisters, I guess Fran is their long lost aunt?

It's funny because it's a girl's name and I have never ever heard of this guy.