Tuesday, April 8, 2014

#280 - The 1982 No. 1 Draft Pick - Shawon Dunston

What a card: This card recalls Shawon Dunston being selected as the first pick by the Cubs in the 1982 major league draft. Dunston was selected ahead of Dwight Gooden, who was picked fifth by the Mets.

My observation on the front: This picture is very similar to the one Topps used of Dunston on his 1986 card.

More opinion from me: This card basically serves as Dunston's rookie card for Topps. He had no other regular card in the '85 set. But this was a big one as in the spring of '85, Dunston was going after 39-year-old Larry Bowa's job at shortstop and it was big news. Meanwhile, Donruss made Dunston a Rated Rookie in '85 and Fleer featured him on a prospects card with Billy Hatcher.

Something you might know: Dunston was considered a can't miss prospect and the best prospect out of the New York area since Carl Yastrzemski.

Something you might not know: Dunston hit .790 his senior year in high school and went 37-for-37 in stolen base attempts.

My observation n the back: Ummmm ... I can't dispute anything written there, but that doesn't mean it's interesting.

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Nick said...

.790?! Amazing.

Jets Break Jaws said...

One of my all time favorite players.