Thursday, September 5, 2013

#210 - Gary Matthews

What a card: This is pretty cool. With this card we have back-to-back cards in the set of players who were traded for each other the previous year. In a deal between the Phillies and the Cubs in March 1984, Gary Matthews (along Bob Dernier and Porfi Altamirano) was sent to Chicago in exchange for previous card subject Bill Campbell (and Mike Diaz).

My observation on the front: I'm not sure why Matthews is making that expression, but perhaps it's because his pullover jersey is SO '80s.

More opinion from me: The Internet is too much about Gary Matthews Jr. and not enough about Gary Matthews.

Something you might know: The NL Rookie of the Year in 1973, Matthews played well for bad teams for a long time until landing with the Phillies and helping them to the NL title in 1983 by waxing the Dodgers (boooooo!). Then he was traded to the Cubs and played in an NLCS for a second straight season.

Something you might not know: Matthews' nickname "Sarge" was invented by his Phillies teammate Pete Rose.

My observation on the back: That is a very 1971 Topps-like write-up on the back. Ancient stats from high school days. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

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Phantom Dreamer said...

That's a great looking v-neck pullover jersey. A pullover jersey along with sansabelt knickers is the 'Ultimate Baseball Look', the 'Classic Baseball Look'. It's a proper baseball uniform, dynamic athletic wear. The overall lack of athletic wear in today's baseball make it seem old and tired. Athletic wear needs to come back to baseball. They were ahead of their time in the '80s in terms of baseball fashion.