Friday, August 24, 2012

#86 - Don Aase

What a card: This card marked the return to baseball card sets for Don Aase, who was omitted out of all 1984 releases after missing the entire 1983 season due to elbow surgery.

My observation on the front: The Angels might have the most glaring colors in the 1985 set. They look like Play-Doh colors.

More opinion from me: Look at that Angels logo, trying to co-opt all of California. Now the Angels just try to do that with L.A.

Something you might know: Don Aase is the fourth name from the top in the alphabetical listing of anyone who has played in the major leagues. He's right after David Aardsma and Hank and Tommie Aaron.

Something you might not know: Aase's last name is pronounced AW-see. Now don't you feel like an ass?

My observation on the back: That's quite a comeback from elbow surgery, throwing up a 1.62 ERA in your first year back.

The blog wants to speak now: The TV tab has been updated with the final results of the 1984-85 prime time season. The Pop Culture tab has been updated with what some call the worst marketing decision ever.


Bo said...

For some reason I remember it being pronounced like OZZIE.

jacobmrley said...

As a Mets fan who saw Don come in to throw gas on the fire at the end of his career, I am all too familiar with the pronunciation of his name. It was usually followed or preceded by a seething 'goddamn' as well in my house.