Friday, August 3, 2012

#80 - Keith Hernandez

What a card: Keith Hernandez was just coming off a season in which he finished second to Ryne Sandberg in the National League MVP voting. It was Hernandez's first full season with the Mets, and he was in full-on "Take That, Whitey Herzog" mode.

My observation the front: Hernandez seems like the perfectionist sort. I wonder what his opinion of his stride out of the batter's box would be?

More opinion from me: There is no more entertaining baseball TV broadcaster working in the game today than Hernandez. His 2008 story about his panicked reaction to an approaching tornado when he was a minor leaguer should have won an Emmy.

Something you might know: Known as perhaps the best-fielding first baseman of all-time, Hernandez won 11 straight Gold Gloves.

Something you might not know: Hernandez had a cocaine habit that is well-known now. But before it came to light in the Pittsburgh drug trials, Hernandez quit the drug because he saw what it was doing to his Cardinals teammate Lonnie Smith.

My observation on the back: 300, huh? I wonder what that total is now?

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'30-Year Old Cardboard said...

Hernandez is one of the many defenders that does not get the credit he deserves.

Way before Mattingly made playing 'D' sexy, it was Keith Hernandez!

jacobmrley said...

Watching the Mets lose night after night is a chore. Listening to their broadcasters makes that chore a little easier with Hernandez being the shining star.