Sunday, July 29, 2012

#78 - Scott Fletcher

What a card: Scott Fletcher had just completed his first season as a starter in 1984 when this card arrived in packs. He would lose his job as starter as quickly as he won it. Ozzie Guillen would take over at short for the White Sox in 1985 and Fletcher would be traded in the '85 offseason.

My observation on the front: I wish I knew what it said on the display sign in the background.

More opinion from me: The White Sox have had some very poor luck in uniform choices, but I think these uniforms from the mid-1980s were among the worst. Just horrible. And I had to see them a lot because Buffalo was the Triple A farm team of the White Sox at this time, so the Bisons mimicked this style, too. I'm ashamed to say I even had a Bisons sweatshirt in the White Sox mid-80s style. Very unfortunate.

Something you might know: Fletcher was a noted Yankee killer. The career .262 hitter hit over .300 against the Yankees in nearly 500 at-bats.

Something you might not know: Fletcher is related to former Cubs and Padres catcher Michael Barrett. Barrett is Fletcher's wife's cousin.

My observation on the back: Topps must've stumbled across a treasure trove of Championship Series records in 1984. This is about the 10th question about the championship series that I've come across in this set.

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Andy said...

That sign in the back appears to be the letters "ium" to me...can't tell if it's upper or lower case. It could say "sodium" as in "low-sodium" although I don't think that phrase was in common use in the early 1980s.

It could also be "Immodium".

MCT said...

"sodium" was the first thing that ocurred to me as well, but could it be "stadium"?