Friday, November 9, 2018

#59T - LaMarr Hoyt

What a card: LaMarr Hoyt traveled from the White Sox to the Padres in a Dec. 6, 1984 trade that sent Ozzie Guillen, Luis Salazar, Tim Lollar and Bill Long to the White Sox.

How'd that go: Great for the first year. Coming off an 18-loss season, Hoyt went 16-8 for the Padres in 1985, started the All-Star Game and was named MVP of the game. But he was out of the majors by 1987.

Backatya: Small sample-size but that's nearly two home runs a game!

Back-to-back: Hoyt got to wear two of the most distinctive mid-1980s uniforms in Major League Baseball. Can't say I liked either of them.

The flagship card is No. 520 in the set and was originally blogged on April 6, 2016.

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