Monday, January 16, 2017

#618 - Pete Falcone

What a card: This is the last card of Pete Falcone issued during his major league career. After posting a 4.13 ERA in 35 games with the Braves in 1984, he retired at age 30. He tried a comeback with the Dodgers in 1989, but didn't make it out of the minors.

My observation on the front: These Braves hats appeal to me more than the current ones with the red brims or the ones with the bubble A from the '70s.

More opinion from me: Falcone was never more cool than when he pitched for the Cardinals. A falcon(e) on the Cardinals.

Something you might know: Falcone is most remembered for pitching during the bad, old days of the Mets between 1979-82. He once halted a 15-game losing streak by the Mets by pitching a complete game win against the Astros in 1982.

Something you might not know: Falcone's son, Joey, played in the low minors for the Yankees after serving three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a medic for the Marines.

My observation on the back: Pignatano was also a coach with the Mets when Falcone pitched for them.

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