Thursday, November 17, 2016

#598 - Jose Oquendo

What a card: Jose Oquendo played in 81 games in his second season in the majors in 1984. He struggled at the plate again, and the Mets traded him to the Cardinals in early April 1985, before many collectors even pulled this card.

My observation on the front: Nice shot of Oquendo's entire name on the back of his jersey. It caused me to look up the most recent No. 2 in Mets history. It was Juan Uribe in 2015.

More opinion from me: I think the Mets shortstops in the 1980s collectively had to hit around .230. Oquendo, Rafael Santana, Ron Gardenhire, Frank Taveras, Kevin Elster. They were not high-average guys.

Something you might know: Oquendo thrived as the ultimate utility player for the Cardinals. He was dubbed "The Secret Weapon" and was utilized by manager Whitey Herzog as both a catcher and pitcher, along with more customary positions.

Something you might not know: Oquendo is one of two major leaguers whose last name starts with "Oqu". The other is 1990s relief pitcher Mike Oquist.

My observation the back: Stan Musial still holds the record for most career All-Star Game home runs and no one has come close in a long, long time. Ted Williams is second with four. After that it's a lengthy list of three apiece: Ralph Kiner, Willie Mays, Rocky Colavito, Harmon Killebrew, Johnny Bench, Fred Lynn, Gary Carter and Alfonso Soriano.

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