Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#323 - Andy McGaffigan

What a card: Andy McGaffigan played just nine games for the Reds in 1984, as he was traded from Montreal in late July 1984, necessitating this particular look.

My observation on the front: That is a fake-looking airbrush job. However, it is not as gloriously awful as the one on the card of the man for whom McGaffigan was traded.

More opinion from me: I have more 1984 Topps Andy McGaffigan cards than any non-Dodger player in my collection. It is how I keep McGaffigan alive in my memory.

Something you might know: An often-traded relief pitcher, McGaffigan is probably best known as the set-up man for closer Tim Burke for the Montreal Expos teams of the late 1980s. He's also known for faking out Shawon Dunston in this clip.

Something you might not know: McGaffigan hit just .048 for his career, getting six hits in 126 at-bats, one of the lowest averages for a pitcher ever.

My observation on the back: I've been noticing the marriage dates that are listed on the backs of some of these cards and that a few of them are in January. My first instinct is to think "January -- how odd for a wedding." But, of course, a ballplayer couldn't get married in June. Little busy.

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Bo said...

The only way you can get a mustache on a Reds card - airbrushing!