Thursday, February 9, 2012

#14 - Chris Bando

What a card: Finally! We have a player who was still with the same team when his card came out in 1985. Chris Bando was a Cleveland Indian for almost his entire career. He played one game with the Tigers and one game with the A's at the end of his career in 1989.

My observation on the front: The duplicate Chief Wahoo logos are a little distracting.

More opinion from me: Bando appears to be wearing a warm-up jersey, the kind of thing you see in actual games now. I don't like it when teams break out the batting practice tops for games. I'm not sure who is to blame for this.

Something you might know: Bando is the younger brother of Sal Bando, the third baseman for the Swingin' A's, who won three straight World Series titles from 1972-74. Chris Bando also worked for the Brewers when Sal Bando was Milwaukee's GM in the late 1990s.

Something you might not know: Bando says he had vision in only one eye during his playing career.

My observation on the front: The "reading the Bible" reference is appropriate because Bando is now the head coach at San Diego Christian College. However, I do not know if he still performs aerobics.

The blog wants to speak now: I've updated the News category. I also updated the TV category with an episode of David Letterman. 1985 was the year I discovered Letterman's show and I loved it instantly. Remember when he used to give out collapsible drinking cups and sponges as prizes?


Play at the Plate said...

Ha! Is this Shelly's first appearance? I loved Letterman back then. How many things did he drop off that, watermelons. Ha.

Brandon said...

Amazing he could hit with one functional eye. Seems it would affect his depth perception.
Aerobics....really? I mean nothing against aerobics but to list that among your top actiities...