Thursday, January 26, 2012

#9 - Record Breaker, Bruce Sutter

What a card: This card notes Bruce Sutter setting the National League record for saves in a season. He saved 45 games for the Cardinals in 1984. That total tied the major league record, which was initially set in 1983 by the Royals' Dan Quisenberry.

The record is positively quaint when you look up how many times it has been broken since 1985. Sutter is now tied for 33rd place overall with his 45 saves in a season. Francisco Rodriguez holds the record of 62 set four years ago. Eric Gagne holds the N.L. record with 55.

My observation on the front: I never thought I would get nostalgic for powder blue uniforms, but obviously I -- and a lot of baseball fans -- have, because current teams keep trotting out throwback powder blue uniforms.

More opinion from me: This isn't a night card. It looks kind of like a dusk card or a "stormy" card.

Something you might know: Dave Righetti was the first person to break the record by Sutter and Quisenberry. He saved 46 games in 1986.

Something you might not know: Sutter was originally drafted by the Washington Senators. He didn't sign.

My observation on the back: Topps mentions in the headline that Sutter tied the major league record, but doesn't mention who he tied.

The blog wants to speak now: I've updated the Ballgames tab with a little basketball. That'll do for tonight.


'30-Year Old Cardboard said...

Sutter looks like a certain Cardinals closer from today's squad...

Play at the Plate said...

He coulda been a Ranger!? I did not know that.